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FLE Group - One of the first indipendent asset managers
LFPI Italia Reim

The Company

€ 430Mln
Leased area
~200.000 mq
Real estate properties

LFPI Italia REIM is an asset management and investment company for FLE’s funds (Foncière LFPI Europe), mainly focused on the Italian real estate market.

The company is part of the LFPI Group, one of the premier independent multi-strategy alternative asset managers in Europe with more than 28 billion euros of asset under management (private equity, private debt, real estate, asset management, private banking).

LFPI Italia Reim’s mission is to increase and manage for FLE an income-producing real estate portfolio, focusing on the acquisition of commercial properties (offices, shopping centres, retail box, hotels, warehouses) throughout Italy, in secondary cities as well, with a holding period of about 8-10 years and a core/core+ plus target.

The goal is to invest in well-known business and commercial areas in order to benefit from a strong cashflow and a risk reduction thanks also to a multi-tenant approach.

Our team

LFPI Italia REIM relies on a concise and selected team to benefit from a fast decision-making process and a deep local knowledge of the real estate market.

Support activities are outsourced thanks to an extensive advisors network while cooperation with LFPI's group professionals generates profitable synergies among the business units which improve the overall performance of the investment and asset management activities.

Real estate properties

The investment target of LFPI Italia Reim is represented by core / core plus properties (i.e. fully-income properties or, at most, with a low vacancy component), located in the major provincial capitals of Italy.

The company invests mainly in four types of commercial properties: offices, retail, logistics and hotels.

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