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Business model

LFPI Italia Reim is based on a business model, consolidated at European level, based on the following characteristics:

  • a carefully selected team, able to guarantee a quick decision-making process
  • outsourcing of support activities through a large network of advisors
  • medium to long term investment horizon
  • limited use of financial leverage
  • focus on income properties with attractive net returns
  • risk diversification through the search for predominantly multi-tenant asset classes
  • strategic-geographical focus on the main Italian provincial capitals
  • important synergies between the various divisions of the LFPI Group


Investment profile

The investment target of LFPI Italia Reim is represented by core / core plus properties (i.e. fully-income properties or, at most, with a low vacancy component), located in the major provincial capitals of Italy.

The company invests mainly in four types of commercial properties: offices, retail, logistics and hotels.

LFPI Italia Reim looks for opportunities that are in line with the average return of the Italian and European portfolio, which is slightly above 6.6% net. Having created, to date, a solid real estate base capable of generating stable and lasting cash flows, allows the company to be able to look also at core & trophy assets with lower returns.

LFPI Italia Reim pursues income strategies that are completely beyond development or purely speculative investments (e.g. vacant assets to be restored, residential, green field development).

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